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Stop struggling to get up your stairs and let us help you choose the best stair lift for your needs.

A Solution for Every Need

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Straight Stair Lift

A chair elevator for stairs designed to safely take you up and down a straight set of steps. It features a powerful yet smooth motion motor and a durable, comfortable chair.

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Curved Stair Lift

Custom-manufactured to exactly fit your curved staircase's turns and curves. Measurements are carefully taken by skilled technicians, and the rail is meticulously built to eliminate jarring and stuttering as the chair moves around bends.

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Outdoor Stair Lift

Designed to overcome the problems caused by external straight runs of stairs like humidity and heat. This stair lift is ready for water, cold, and dead leaves. It won't rust or corrode and will provide a safe ride year around.

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How to Get Started

1. Call Us or  Fill in Our Form Icon

1. Call Us or Fill in Our Form

If you are not sure what stair lift is best for you, start with our form of talk to us over the phone! We can talk about your specific needs and how DMV Stair Lifts can help you achieve a greater level of

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2. Schedule a Consultation

Once you have spoken with one of our representatives, it's time to schedule a consultation with one of our certified technicians. These technicians will come out to your home and help you decide which

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3. Get a Free Estimate

Once you and the technician have looked over your home, discussed your needs, and decided which lift you need, you will receive a written estimate. The estimate is free of charge, and there is no obligation to

The Best Selection & Best Quality

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5-Year Warranty

All of our stair lifts are backed by a 5-year warranty and are well constructed from high-quality materials. The Powerful Motor won't buck or bounce while you are riding it, and the carriage will never get stuck mid-travel. Its gentle motion will leave you feeling relaxed, and its simple controls

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Long-lasting & Comfortable

The guide rail will not bend over time, even in hot sunlight, and the teeth will not wear out or break off even after years of use. The carriage is comfortable and sturdy.

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Peace of mind

Most importantly, our stair lifts will give you the freedom and independence you deserve to hold onto as you age gracefully.

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Why Install a Stair lift Today?

Safety. Stairs can be a dangerous place, especially if you have poor eyesight.

As a matter of fact, failing vision is the primary reason elderly people fall and have difficulty navigating stairs and sideways falls between steps is a leading cause of broken hips.

The National Institute of Health also states that approximately 25% of falls result in an injury ranging from minor bruising to hip fracture with a 1-year mortality rate following hip fracture being about 25%.

Most, if not all accidents on or around the staircase can be prevented with a quality stair lift.

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